Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Friends, Veterans, Laziness and YouTube

Nov 11- Today I am thankful for good friends.  My friend and her daughter had a yard sale this weekend, and invited me to participate.  I took some stuff and made about $20.00 combined.  I also got rid of about 3 boxes worth of stuff.  More importantly, I spent time with wonderful people AND my son got to play with some other kids.  Oh yeah, I also got to hold a baby.  I love babies!  We tried to sell the idea of taking a picture with THE WORLD'S CUTEST BABY for $1.00, but no takers.  :(  We are hoping to open again this weekend, if the weather isn't rainy.  You should come buy my stuff :)

Nov. 12- Today I am thankful for Veterans and all their sacrifice.  Having been married to the military for a brief time, I am also thankful for their families and the sacrifice they make.

Nov. 13- Today I am thankful for lazy days at home.  Yesterday was a holiday and I only left the house once.  And that was to go in my backyard because Michael said there were 'hundreds of dead animals' on the ground.  Seeing as how we might be under an zombied-animal attack, I figured I had to be the grown-up and investigate.  No zombies, just seed pods from the tree, so it was good news.  I also cleaned my house, which is a miracle in itself.

Nov. 14- I am thankful that there are people in this world who are creative enough, invested enough and have time enough to make YouTube videos.  Many of them I use in my classroom.  Some of them I use for my own personal entertainment.

Like this one.

Warning:  Contains adult language.

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