Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Vacation that Never Ends... Part 1

Florida is awesome!  I loved vacationing in Florida- I just didn't plan on staying as long as I did.  

For several years, my son has wanted to visit LegoLand.  Last summer, I decided that THIS would be the year.  Y'all!  I worked my tail off to get the money to go on this vacation.  I taught, ran a store on Teachers Pay Teachers, became a Jamberry consultant and tutored/babysit some kids after school.

We planned a 5 day trip, with 2-3 days being Lego Land days!

I was a little nervous about driving to Florida on my own (remember this detail, it will be important in a few days!).  A couple days before leaving, I ran into some friends in a Mexican restaurant.  Angie commented that she didn't have anything to do the next week so guess who came to Florida with us?!

I love traveling with a loose 'plan'.  It meant we got to swing over to Daytona on our way down because we wanted to!

Beautiful view from lunch.

He 'hearts' Daytona!

Michael likes to speak in text.... so those are our smiley faces!

We also faced our first panic.  We were frolicking in the waves and trying to catch little fish which I put my hand in my pocket and COULD.NOT.FIND.MY.CAR.KEY!

Cue the panic music as I race to my car.  I have never been so happy to see Michael not follow directions!  I had placed the keys in my purse THEN decided not to take my purse but to lock it in the trunk.  Fortunately, Michael had not locked the door (like I asked) so I could pop the trunk from the inside of the car.

We also made a spur of the moment shopping stop in St. Augustine.  I was in dire need of a bathing suit.  I really didn't want to pay a lot of money for one but found one I loved at a Lane Bryant outlet.  I also found a beautiful dress and pair of shoes!

Sorry... didn't get a picture of the dress!

I'm a go with the flow travel planner, what kind of travel planner are you?  Do you go with the flow or do you need a detailed agenda?