Monday, November 26, 2012

Busy Week

OK,I am behind again and I have a super busy week ahead so I am going to try to catch up.

Nov. 22- Family- I'm not just thankful for my family, but the function of a family.  I am just as thankful for the family of people I am not related to as I am the family of people I AM related too!

Nov. 23- Mrs. Reid- She is Michael's teacher and an amazing woman!  She possesses an inordinate amount of patience.  Michael came to school as a reader, but she has turned hm into a writer as well.

Nov. 24- Professional Opportunities- The reason I am so busy this week is that I have 2 professional opportunities coming up.  Next week, I will spend 4 days at an instructional technology workshop.  Four.  Whole.  Days.  That is an enormous amount of time to be out of the classroom.  The other opportunity is the next week.  I will be presenting an instructional technology workshop for my district.  The workshop is on easy ways to integrate technology into the classroom.  Great opportunities nut -aye yai yai- it is a lot of work all at one time!

Nov. 25- Holidays- specifically, holidays that result in me having days off work!

Nov. 26- my sweet baby Kindergarteners- I missed them so much over break- but I was so glad to have he break.

I am off to work now, those lesson plans do not write themselves!

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