Sunday, November 11, 2012

Creepy Guy Update, Thankfulness and Boyz II Men

Wow!  I am way behind on my thankful posts.  I have been keeping a list of things I'm thankful for though, so I'll get caught up in just a minute.  First, I need to update you about Creepy Guy, ya'know the one who is always standing in the yard without his shirt on?  You don't?  Go read this post then.  It's okay, I'll wait...

Great, you're back!  So, anyway... today, Creepy Guy not only had his shirt on BUT some of the couches were off the porch and he was sitting on the one that was left!  I had to look twice to make sure, but there was only ONE couch on the porch instead of the usual 4 or 5.  What do you make of that?

I have 4 thankful posts to make, so you might want to go get some hot chocolate or something.  It's right over there in the corner.  Yes, I have little marshmallows over here and there is hot water for anyone who prefers tea.

November 8-  Today I am thankful for field trips.  I took my class on a field trip to Patterson Farm today.  On the bus ride home, the kids were screaming "Ms. White is the best teacher ever!"  I took a video of them, and told them I was going to show it to them next time they were mad at me.  I love field trips because of the excitement my students bring to it.  Everything we do on a field trip is met with wide-eyed gazes of awe.  Go over a river?  Squeals of delight!  Pass a construction zone?  The bus sounds louder than all the equipment working.  Get a trucker to honk it's horn?  Fits of laughter and giggles abound!  I'm thankful for field trips because of the excitement to learning that they bring.

November 9-  I am thankful for the innocence of young children.  On the way to school the other day, my sweet baby boy asked me what I was afraid of.  Losing him is my number 1 fear, and I told him that.  My other fear, is of clowns, which I also told him.  He looked at me in the rear view mirror for a moment and then said in his most solemn voice "I know you don't know this, but clowns are not real.  They are just people dressed up in silly outfits.  You don't have to be afraid of them."  The sweetness and earnestness of his face and voice made me want to melt.  Hopefully, I can hold on to that the next time I have that terrible dream where the clowns are chasing me up the sidewalk!

November 10- I am thankful for the special Mother/Son relationship I have with my son.  Our school had a Mother-Son Dance on Friday. Everyone got all dressed up and we had a great time!  The last song of the evening was Mama by Boyz II Men.  As I picked Michael up to dance the last dance, he wrapped his arms around my neck, put his head on my shoulder and said "I love you, Mama"  Sigh... melt...

I'm going to sign off on that note... I'll finish updating later.  Feeling the need to cuddle my sweet boy!

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