Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for nana

Nana is a teacher that I taught beside for a couple of years.  She was close to retirement.  She had never married or had children.  I was half way through grad school when I found out I was pregnant.  Shortly after having my son, I became a single parent.  Nana and I had become good friends before Michael was born, however, she turned into EXACTLY what we needed in our lives. One of the downfalls of moving 4 1/2 hurs away from everyone you know, is that your support group dwindles.  In stepped Nana!  She kept Michael for me so much while I was finishing grad school.  She loved him.  And he loved her.  The older he became, the more thankful I was to have her in our lives.  She filled the role of 'grandmother' that we needed in our lives.


  1. Your story tugged at my heart strings. I'm not a single mom but I've definitely been on my own a lot when it comes to raising my two girls. You're so lucky that you had Nana. :)

    Have fun with a-z. :)

  2. What a blessing Nana was in your life. I'm sure you are thankful to God for her. Happy A to Z!