Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Best Advertising

At the last soccer game of the season, another mom told me about a local grocery store that was giving away pumpkins for kids to decorate.  Since my favorite kind of activity is a free one, I convinced Michael that it would be great fun.  While he decorated his pumpkin, I stood around and thought of all the things I needed at the grocery store.  
Almost $50.00 later, I realized I had been caught in the trap!  I'm usually one of those annoying coupon ladies but I thought 'oh, I'll just pick up a few items...'.

Here's a picture of Michael getting his medal for playing soccer.  It was the highlight of his 5 year old life and I was just as proud.  I don't have to mention that he only scored one goal for the season... and it was for the other team (insert sigh).... He is much more of an academic than a sports player, and that makes me super happy!

Out of all that money I spent, one great joy came out of it.  Michael found a make a car toy.  I didn't have high hopes for it, but it was only a dollar so I figured 'What the heck, he needs to learn not to expect much when you buy something so cheap...'  I was really prepared to be super disappointed, but it BLEW me away!  The car stayed together and really runs.  

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